January/February 2015: Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

An interview with Dan in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine about Toms River, teaching and the new landscape of journalism.

Dec. 1, 2014: BookTV

Dan talks with C-SPAN’s BookTV about epidemiology, the Pulitzer Prize and the lessons of Toms River.

Oct. 30, 2014: Island Press

Island Press has announced it will publish the paperback edition of Toms River, including a new afterword from the author. The publication date is April 7, 2015.

Sept. 9. 2014: National Academy of Sciences

Toms River was recognized by the National Academy of Science, National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine “for its masterful portrayal of the scientific process at work in a town facing environmental crisis”.

August 1, 2014

The judges called Toms River a “masterpiece” that “embodies Carson’s legacy of deeply insightful, science-based literary prose.” The award is administered by the Society of Environmental Journalists.

July 28, 2014: Global People

An article about Toms River in the weekend magazine of People’s Daily, one of the largest newspapers in China.

June 18, 2014: MetroFocus

Jack Ford interviews Dan about Toms River for WNET’s MetroFocus program.

June 3, 2014: NYU Stories

Dan talks about Toms River, tweeting, and “this Pulitzer thing”.

Bernstein 2014
May 28, 2014

The New York Public Library gives Dan its Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism, calling Toms River “powerful, in-depth reporting that informs the public, shapes policy, and changes the world.” The ceremony was also broadcast on C-SPAN’s Book TV.

May 27, 2014: C-SPAN

Dan and the other finalists for the Bernstein Award talk about the challenges nonfiction book authors face in a digital world. C-SPAN broadcast the discussion at the New York Public Library.